Why a Maytag Equipped Laundry?

 Whether you’re considering owning your first business or you’re already invested in the vended laundry market, there are plenty of reasons to open your own Maytag® equipped Laundry:

  • Powerful brand—A name your customers already know and trust.
  • Prep work done—From store design to marketing materials.
  • Capital investment with a potential solid rate of return.*
  • Minimal accounts receivable*.
  • Minimal inventory costs.*
  • Low labor costs—Customers do most of the work.*
  • Laundries are recession-resistant—People always need clean laundry.*
  • Potential significant tax incentives—Ask your local distributor for details.
  • A strong Maytag distributor network—to help with planning and equipping your store.


* "Getting into the Laundry Business,” 2012, Coin Laundry® Association.


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