Why Maytag? 

Nothing sets you up for success like the support of an industry-leading brand. At Maytag, What’s Inside Matters.™ That means we put only our best commercial grade parts into our machines, so you get dependable, high-efficiency performance out. It also means that your customers can trust your equipment to protect what they put inside it, each and every time. In fact, Maytag is the most preferred name in the laundry industry. And for good reason:

  • Maytag delivers what your customers want—clean clothes. No other single-load, high-efficiency machine cleans better than Maytag.*
  • Maytag is your single source for equipment—from our high-efficiency, single- and multi-load washers, to spacesaving, multi-load stack dryers.
  • Maytag doesn’t just talk about dependability. We back it up. Our extra-protection, 5-year limited warranty covering all parts is one of the best in the business.
  • Our parent company, Whirlpool® Corporation, is a global leader in laundry solutions.
  • Maytag was the first to introduce customer-friendly, computer-controlled equipment to the industry.
  • These controls allow promotional pricing, revenue accountability and self-diagnosis of service needs.

With the power of the Maytag® brand behind your business, you’re bound for success in the vended laundry industry.


* The tests, performed in an approved testing facility to the American Home Appliance Manufacturers (AHAM) HLW1-2006 laundry industry standard, concluded that the washer achieves superior cleaning performance, while still providing outstanding energy savings. No other commercial single-load, high-efficiency machine cleans better.

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