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Your Customers

 One of the most surprising aspects of the vended laundry business is the market. It consists of a lot more people than just those who lack their own laundry facilities (students, apartment dwellers, home renters, etc.). In fact, a survey of vended laundry store users shows that only 58% fall into that category. Another part of the survey states that 54% actually have a washer and dryer available where they live, but prefer to use vended laundry stores.* Another factor that influences customers’ decisions to use a vended laundry center is the benefit of multi-load, high-capacity equipment, which allows them to do more laundry in less time. These machines are also able to wash and dry bulky items that home or community laundries might not be able to handle. The bottom line? Laundry customers want time and cost savings, convenience, and a clean, safe environment that is close to home. And with industry-leading, ultra-reliable Maytag equipment, your store can easily meet those needs, and then some.


*2004 survey conducted by Readex for The Coin Laundry® Association.